Solutions Consulting QA quality Assurance Research & Development
解決方法 顧問 品質保證 研究及軟件開發

Solutions Consulting QA Research & Development
Cloud technology / Web solution Data Management documentation
Online eMarketinng Software Consultancy Support and Maintenance Service Programmming Service
Small & Medium Business Web Content Accessibility Database Repair
Networking / Telecommunication Outsourcing IT Infrastructure Management System Integration
Retail POS Mobile Solution Training Membership System
上門 delivery
問題 web programming (HTML, PHP, ASP, Javascript, css, VBscript...etc)
問題 Hardware: Motherboard, storage
問題 Networking (ADSL, VDSL, router, WiFi, LAN, 56k dialup)
問題 OS (Live CD, Windows PE)
手机软件, 网站
維修 repair 软件维修
$120per unit

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